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High intensity focused ultrasound

When the highly strong ultrasonic energy is collected to focus, strong heat (65 ~ 100 ℃) is generated and it is called high intensity focused ultrasound(Hifu). When about a hundred thousand times stronger ultrasonic wave is focused in one point than the intensity of the ultrasound used to diagnose, the heat is generated in the focused area, which is similar that collecting the solar light to focus the heat using a convex lens.

Typical applications of Hifu is a skin lifting and tumor removing surgery. Hifu lifting is a relatively new, innovative procedure that uses ultrasound technology to penetrate deeply into the skin, affecting a connective tissue layer called the SMAS. It utilizes highly focused ultrasound energy waves to tighten the SMAS layer of the skin at both the 3mm and 4mm depth. HIFU helps the body produce more collagen and the deep focused ultrasound produces tightening of the deep supportive connective tissue of the face.

Hifu therapy is considered a natural skin tightening alternative because it works with your body’s natural healing process. The HIFU machine infuses “seeds” of thermal coagulated heat into multiple layers of the skin causing micro-wounds. As your skin heals, new collagen is formed which then tightens the skin.

Operation principle

The disk shape piezoelectric can’t focus the propagating ultrasound to one point, so ultrasonic energy is dispersed.

However, because the ultrasonic wave is similar to the behavior of the light, ultrasound can be focused by changing the shape of the piezoelectric body.
  • Ultrasound is focused at the center of the radius of curvature dome shape piezoelectric.
  • Ultrasonic energy increases rapidly.
  • Ultrasonic intensity is proportional to the voltage applied to piezoelectric.
  • Ultrasound regenerate the moisture containing cells (healthy cells).
  • Tumors are destroyed by ultrasonic energy because there is no water in tumor.

The conventional Hifu and the future market needs

HIFU Specification

Design Parameter

Frequency Diameter Radius
MHz mm mm
2 10 30
19.6 30
19.6 38
38 38
4 10 16.4
10 25
15 25
19.6 16.4
19.6 25
7 10 16.4
15 16.4
19.6 16.4
7 - W10 19.6 16.4
10 10 16.4
19.6 16.4

Differences of our technology

High intensity focused ultrasound piezoelectric actuator and method of manufacturing the same

    Patent registration or application number

  • 10-1538896   PDF Download

classification Conventional Hifu Our Hifu
Manufacturing method Ceramic block → machining using lens grinder No machined direct forming
  • Crack formation during machining
  • High heat generation in operation (70℃)
  • Focused ultrasound strength degradation
  • Low production yield : < 10%
  • 10MHz or higher production impossible
  • No machining and no crack
  • Low heat generation(30℃)
  • Uniformly strength of focused ultrasound
  • High production yield : > 90%
  • No limit in size and frequency