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Piezoelectric linear motor offering enhanced displacement

    Patent registration or application number

  • 10-0768513   PDF Download
  • US8283838B2   PDF Download

Operation principle

By making the dome-shaped piezoelectric ceramic for the first time in the world designed by our unique ceramic powder injection molding technology, we obtained enhanced displacement of linear motor (Maximum displacement is 60mm).


  • Various size dome shape piezoelectric(diameter: 2 ~ 30mm)

  • World first single layer dome shape linear motor

  • Semi-permanent durability (as proven over a million times)

  • Generating force : 40gf~300gf   View

  • The large displacement (up to 60mm) of the piezoelectric linear motors   

  • Low voltage (less than 30V)

  • A simple drive circuit

  • Step driving is possible (minimum travel distance: 50 ~ 100nm)   View

  • Continuous operation possible   View

  • Low cost


  • Precision control (X-Y stage, etc.)
  • Automotive
  • Camera zoom lens