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Operation principle

Since our ceramic-glass composite electrode emits large amount of secondary electron and has large number of polarization in electric field, it is possible to increase the brightness of the lamp by moving more electrons and ions.

We have researched the dielectric ceramic electrode having a special characteristic for many years and have succeeded in developing a special medium voltage (600~800V) discharge lamp having a Class I (Green star) efficiency that high-voltage discharge lamp (1200 ~ 1500V CCFL, EEFL) could not implement.


  • Medium-voltage discharge

  • Lifespan: over 50,000 hours

  • A high light efficiency

  • high brightness lighting, large BLU, outdoor advertising available

  • After 3000 hours continuous driving, lamp surface temperature : less than 45℃

  • Ramp surface temperature: less than 40℃

  • Parallel drive possible

  • Brightness can be adjusted by controlling the voltage (power saving)


  • Outdoor advertising lamp
  • UV germicidal lamp
  • Fluorescent lamps for underground parking

Core technology of ECO-CEL


Differences – Dimming fuction

  • Best for the place where automatic brightness adjusting is needed.
  • Dimming is key technology to minimize illumination energy consumption.
  • Linear energy saving lamps are possible by dimming.

  • It can replace conventional spiral ramp
  • Can be used without changing existing incandescent socket : Easy to replace banned incandescent lamp market

Difference-Parallel drive possible

ECO-CEL Lighting Module CCFL Lighting Module
Front view
Lamp spec Dia: 5mm, Length 550mm, Luminance:40,000nit Dia: 3mm, Length 550mm, Luminance:26,000nit
Rear view
Inverter One inverter-multi lamp (Parallel drive possible) Large size, high cost, low efficiency (Parallel drive impossible)