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Infrared sensor module using rotating ultrasonic motor

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  • 10-1417838   PDF Download
  • WO2015088243A1   PDF Download

Operation principle

Intermittent infrared impinging on the infrared sensor makes enable continuous detection by rotating the Fresnel lens at a low speed using our rotating ultrasonic motor. This is the only sensor in the world that solves the problems of conventional infrared sensor that can’t detect the person who does not move.


  • An infrared sensor using a low-speed ultrasonic motor in order to prevent the noise of the infrared signal
  • No heat is generated when the ultrasonic motor drive
  • Low-power rotating motor (<0.5W)
  • Low noise
  • No EMI noise
  • Expandable application range by integrated module manufacturing
  • Continuous detection is available when heat source does not move
  • Activity can be detected


  • Entrance hall sensors, street lights, underground parking fluorescent lamps
  • Active surveillance system in conjunction with CCTV

Structure of RT-PIR sensor

Comparison of conventional PIR sensors and our REAL-TIME PIR sensor

conventional PIR sensor

  • As you can see in the above video, the output signal occurs when PIR sensor gets the body signal
  • However, when a man does not move, the signal is extinguished and PIR sensor can’t detect him

Real-time PIR sensor

  • As the experimental results described above video, it is possible to continuous detect a body signal using real time PIR sensor developed by our company.
  • Activity change is detectable by the signal change according to the amount of body motion.