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Patent Title

Piezo actuator having electrode structure for the torsional vibration mode and ultrasonic motor containing the same

    Patent registration or application number

  • 10-1040474   PDF Download
  • US20130307376A1   PDF Download

Operation principle

Causing a torsional vibration using the piezoelectric oscillator having the electrode structure of a vane form, the torsional vibration makes the rotor rotate which is fastened along the sides of the groove of the piezoelectric oscillator.


  • Creative electrode pattern for making torsional vibration. (Patent technology)
  • The world most simplest rotation motor composed of three parts ( piezoelectric ceramic, rotor, spring)

  • Mass productive and price competitive simple structure
  • Excellent durability
  • High efficiency (minimizing energy loss due to heat generation, the surface temperature increases to 40℃ during continuous 10hr driving
  • Forward / Reverse rotation available   View
  • No EMI noise since the coil is not required for this motor (applicable to the EMI noise-sensitive applications)
  • Low noise
  • Precise nano radian rotation is possible due to step driving   View
  • Rpm control in accordance with the drive voltage   View
  • Continuous operation (up to 1800rpm)   View


  • Automotive
  • EMI noise sensitive field (medical application and etc.)
  • Precise control (Robot and etc.)