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Mass production

For the successful launch of the piezoelectric field, a material mass production technology with a unique composition is essential. Company with excellent piezoelectric powder technology is mainly located in Japan. (Tamura, Tokin, Murata, NEC. Etc) In particular, Tamura(Japan) have piezoelectric powder technology with excellent piezoelectric, dielectric and mechanical properties, so they are top player in the ultrasonic transformer field where the excellent mechnical properties are required.

We have developed a technology for over 10 years to develop a piezoelectric powder that can compete with Japanese manufacturers (Murata, Tamura), and obtained excellent piezoelectric powder composition using the latest process control technology.

Characteristics – Powder and sintering

  • Nano size powder control (100~300nm)
  • Uniform microstructure (average grain size ~1mm) : Excellent mechanical property
  • Excellent piezoelectric/dielectric property
  • Various piezoelectric/dielectric powder design technology
  • Excellent powder mass production technology

Mixing and milling technology

  • We secure mass production technology based on our strengths in precise dispersion using high energymill.
    800kg / batch manufacturing techniques : secure homogeneity of the product, maximum capacity using minimum manpower
    Secure cost competitiveness by minimizing material losses.
  • We secure the control technology for spherical powders with excellent flowability